The HurtSkurt® story?

In May of 2017, HurtSkurt® Founder Joe Tolman had a revelation. A designer by trade, and a lover of the beach, he had long been looking for the perfect beach bag, something to make it easier to get your essentials to the beach and consolidate all the various bags and coolers that he and his family would lug to the beach while on vacation. Joe had tried many different coolers, and all of them had their own drawbacks. So one fateful night, Joe woke up in the middle of the night with a vision. The vision was a bright, Polynesian-inspired cooler bag. A bright blue bag with pink and green flowers (the Waikiki pattern still used). It was just a vision without other thought, so he got right up and drew up his idea on some paper. By morning he had worked out the product completely. A high-end cooler bag, made of the highest quality materials that looked like a fashion handbag with the function of the best coolers on the market, that had integrated pockets for essentials. By 8am he had created the logo and registered the web site. What was this high-end, Polynesian-inspired cooler bag called? The Hula Cula™!! And yes, it does exist (see http://hulacula.com)

So what does this Polynesian cooler bag have to do with HurtSkurt®? Well, while sitting in traffic in Hartford, Connecticut, on the drive home from a meeting with his bag manufacturer in Manhattan, Joe was trying to think of how his customers would keep their drinks cold inside the Hula Cula™. This was a fashion handbag made of high-end materials. What person is going to want to be dumping ice in to such a beautiful bag, and he didn't like how the big blocky ice bricks looked or functioned. Then it came to him; how about creating a stretch-to-fit hot/cold pack, with independent gel panels built in to a stretchy yoga pant type fabric. By using the fabric, he could customize the pattern to match the bag, making the gel packs a perfect accessory to the bag. At that time he had no idea just what a brilliant idea this was. Joe spent the rest of his trip working out the details of the design.

The next day, Joe had searched the internet looking for any devices that may function in this way, and he couldn't find a thing. So the designs were made and prototypes developed, and a patent put in the works. What was the name of this amazing ice pack? Why, the HulaSkurt™ of course! It made the most perfect sense, a slip on stretch-to-fit sleeve that worked just like a skirt, but for your drinks, with bright Polynesian patterns to match the cooler bag. Joe developed two sizes, the regular HulaSkurt™ was 6 panels around and 6" tall, and the MiniSkurt™ was 4 panels around and 4" tall.

Joe received the prototypes and started testing them. They worked like no other ice pack he had ever seen. By sliding them on to the drinks instead of just resting an ice pack in a cooler, he found that the Skurts worked much more efficiently than traditional ice packs, because instead of depending on the environment inside the bag to cool the drinks, the drinks themselves were cooling first, and in turn, cooling the environment around them, and with no wet mess at all! And a bonus was that they were the coldest koozie ever made, keeping drinks cold while drinking them in the heat.

Then everything changed when Joe started sharing his invention with family and friends. Virtually every person he showed the Skurt immediately slid it on their arm. "Oh man, I wish I had one of these when I had elbow surgery!" or "WOW, I need one of these for my knee, I hate icing my knees!". Without realizing it at all , Joe had invented the most effective, efficient, and comfortable therapeutic hot/cold pack anyone had seen! It wasn't hard to imagine that the Skurt design was much more valuable as a therapeutic device than as an ice pack for drinks. And in just days, the HurtSkurt® was born!

With just a few minor adjustments to the design, like a universal 4" tall gel panel, and adding in articulation joints between the vertical panels, Joe created a pull on stretch-to-fit therapeutic pack that made joint and muscle recovery so much more convenient and effective. No more need for messy ice bags, bandages and wraps, or being laid up in bed or on the couch in order to receive treatment. With HurtSkurt®, just grab it from the freezer or the microwave, slide it on, and go about your day!! It is GENIUS it is so simple.

We hope you give it a try, we know you will love it, and we GUARANTEE IT!!

We have so many more exciting products in the works as well, to make your recovery even more convenient and effective. Our goal is to make people's everyday life more enjoyable. Millions of people in the World suffer with muscle and joint pain every day, and we know we have already helped so many already, because we hear from them every day. Now we hope we can help you too!

Drop the ice, Skurt the Hurt!™

How does the HurtSkurt® work?

The HurtSkurt® is a revolutionary, patent-pending stretch-to-fit hot/cold gel sleeve designed to make muscle and joint recovery more effective, convenient, fashionable and fun! We call it FUNCSHION™ - Fun, Function and Fashion all in one!

There is simply no better way to ice down your joints, or apply soothing therapeutic heat to your muscles than the HurtSkurt®. Just grab it from the freezer, or throw it in the microwave, and slide it on. The flexible fabric is extremely stretchy and durable, allowing us to use 100% gel inside the panels, so even when frozen solid, it will slide all the way up your arm or leg and stay there! The gel stays frozen a very long time, and the 360 degree environment it creates will envelope your limbs with a pure penetrating treatment.

One of the most exciting things about the HurtSkurt® is that you will be able to go about your day while receiving treatment. With its articulated joints, it will move with you, allowing you to walk, drive and work while wearing it. No more ice bags wrapped in bandages, no more waking up in a puddle of water after a bag of ice melted all over your bed, no more ugly, scratchy harness devices that loosen and fall off, and no more having to lay on the couch holding an ice pack in place. Not only that, our fun, colorful patterns make the HurtSkurt® a whole lot more fun to wear!

The HurtSkurt® is built to last. Its durable fabric with high quality stretch stitching is washable and should last you for years of every day use.

You can also use the HurtSkurt® for drinks. There is no better way to keep your drinks cold in a cooler than a HurtSkurt®. The same way that is creates a 360 degree environment on your body, it creates a targeted cooling environment for your drinks, cooling the drinks first, rather than the air around them like other ice packs do.

All of these attributes make the HurtSkurt® an item you simply can't get enough of, an item you will use every day. Some have called it a life-changer, and we don't disagree. Find out for yourself!