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Recommended for Knee and Upper Leg.




Recommended for Knee and Upper Leg.


Best for: Knee, Upper Leg, Flat compress 

It works wonders on all these areas when used with the SkurtStrap.

DIMENSIONS - 9" Long / 13" Relaxed Circumference / 26" Max Circumference

These are suggestions for the "standard" usage placements for each size. Of course, people come in many different sizes, so we don't specify a body part for each HurtSkurt® size for that reason. But generally speaking, these suggestions are where each size is best used. We highly recommend using a tape measure to measure the area you are looking to treat and matching that up with the dimensions detailed in the SIZING tabs below.

For larger sizing, please check out our new ZipSkurt™. ZipSkurts come in two sizes and can be zipped together to make custom sizes, so if none of the standard HurtSkurts fit you, you can make your own custom sizes with ZipSkurt™! They are also great for people who struggle to reach their feet, since it is easily zipped on and off. A perfect solution for those with injuries.

Please see the Sizing Page for more details


The X-Large HurtSkurt® is a revolutionary, patent-pending, stretch-to-fit hot/cold sleeve comprised of 2"x4" individual gel packs stitched into a custom printed soft stretch fabric. Each panel is separated with stretch stitching on all sides and sewn together at the ends, creating a highly flexible ring of gel packs that can double in circumference when stretched onto the body, allowing you to move about while wearing it. HurtSkurt® is designed this way to be the ultimate in comfort, effectiveness, efficiency, and convenience. Just grab it, slide it on, and go about your day without being laid up!

Once on the body, the HurtSkurt® creates a 360º therapeutic environment inside the ring for a long-lasting, penetrating treatment like nothing else on the market today. HurtSkurt® has been clinically proven to maintain a therapeutic temperature for more than an hour! Far longer than other packs, and longer than any recommended treatment. This allows HurtSkurt® to treat multiple areas without re-freezing, and also allows it to travel extremely well. Put your frozen HurtSkurt® in a cooler in the morning and it will be ready for treatment later in the day at the ball field, gym, or work so you don’t have to wait until you get home to get treatment. No more messy ice bags, or ugly, uncomfortable harnesses that dig into the skin and loosen over time.

HurtSkurt® may be stored in the freezer for its coldest usage (panels will freeze solid), in the refrigerator for a softer, more gentle treatment, or heated in the microwave for hot treatment.

HurtSkurt® is designed to stretch and fit a wide variety of sizes without the use of harnessing devices. There is an elastic sewn into the top and bottom hem to aid in smaller fits. This elastic restricts the overall stretch of the HurtSkurt® and may be very easily snipped without compromising the look or function and allow it to stretch to its fullest potential.

Suggested Use



We do have a few tricks to help you with your fit, if yours is too tight! Some people need more stretch.

  • There is an elastic in the top and bottom hem to aid in smaller fits, but it is not a critical component of the HurtSkurt®. You may make a small incision on the inside of the hem and snip that elastic. We suggest you do this one hem at a time, since snipping one may do the trick for you. You will gain several more inches of stretch with this simple trick, without compromising the function or look of your HurtSkurt® in any way. The entire product is designed to stretch to fit.
  • You can microwave your HurtSkurt® for a few seconds to warm it up when you first get it and give it a good stretch. As with any new product, it may be a little stiff when you first open it. Heating it and stretching it will help it stretch out. Like a nice pair of jeans, your HurtSkurt® will get more and more comfortable with time and use.
  • You don't have to freeze your HurtSkurt®. When frozen, the 100% gel inside your HurtSkurt® will freeze solid, which allows us to be the leading product for temperature retention, and also keeps us from having to use anti-freeze chemicals to keep our gel soft. But, many prefer the softer feel of the gel, and you can achieve this by storing your HurtSkurt® in the fridge instead of the freezer. You will still get a solid 20 minutes of therapeutic temperature, but retain the softer feel and a little more flexibility.

We designed HurtSkurt® to be very flexible to fit a wide range of people while offering comfort and compression. 

Small - 5" (1 panel) tall with 14" max circumference
Medium - 9" (2 panels) tall with 20" max circumference
Large - 13" (3 panels) tall with 20" max circumference
XL - 9" (2 panels) tall with 28" max circumference

SkullSkurt - 5" (1 panel) tall with a 28" max circumference to fit most heads

ZipSkurt4 - Same width as a Small and same height as a Medium
ZipSkurt6 - Same dimensions as size Medium


The XL is approximately 9” tall x 7” wide (2 panels tall and 8 panels around). Please note that the width can vary slightly when in a relaxed state. The relaxed circumference of the XL is 13” with a maximum stretched circumference of 28” with the elastic snipped.

The HurtSkurt® will be tight on the body at its maximum circumference. Recommended for Knee and Upper Leg.

x-large size dimensions

Customer Reviews

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Judy McLeod
Love this product

This is our second HurtSkurt for knees. It has really helped my daughter and my husband. Very good quality. Worth the cost.

Debbie Rohrbach
Hurt skurt is the best!

Hurt skurt has a size for everyone's needs and for any part of your body. So easy for me to ice my knees and hand now.

Ann Lee McKeehan
Great product

Fits as expected. Stays cold and surrounds the whole knee with even icing. It’s much better than the other cold packs I’ve used. Liked it so much I ordered one for a friend

Mary Van Egeren

Awesome product especially for my knee replacement rehabbing. Excellent!!!

Linda S
Awesome product!

This versatile cold wrap is the best one I have ever used. It stays cold for a long time and fits any shape and situation.