Why HurtSkurt?

HurtSkurt® - A revelation in modern therapy and pain management application.

Why should I choose HurtSkurt® over other products and what makes it better than the others?

Why HurtSkurt® - Reason #1 - They stay cold longer!

The patent-pending design of HurtSkurt® allows us to use a gel formula without any anti-freeze chemicals. By using a stretch fabric sleeve with individual panels, HurtSkurt® is able to stretch, conform and articulate with the body even when frozen solid. Why is this important? As soon as you add even the smallest amount of antifreeze to gel, its ability to remain cold diminishes drastically. In clinical UL testing, HurtSkurt® was proven to stay cold on the body significantly longer than popular gel-infused neoprene sleeves, like TheraIce and Freeze Sleeve. In direct testing, HurtSkurt® took almost an hour to get as warm on the body as it took Freeze Sleeve in 10 minutes. In fact, body temperature with HurtSkurt® continued to cool for over 30 minutes before even starting to warm, but Freeze Sleeve body temperature started warming within 10 minutes. See the results below.

Lab test results

But isn't treatment only supposed to last 20 minutes? Yes it is, but the temperature retention of HurtSkurt® is valuable in a few different ways; it can be used in multiple locations without re-freezing, and it TRAVELS! You can put a frozen HurtSkurt® in a cooler and bring it to work or send it with your child to school or a sporting event, and hours later it will still be ready for proper treatment. This is a feature no other product can offer!

It also works great for other uses, see below.

Why HurtSkurt® - Reason #2 - VALUE!

Simply put, HurtSkurt® is the best product at the best price. Aside from electric devices that cost hundreds, or even thousands of dollars, HurtSkurt® offers the very best performance results, and at the lowest of cost! For example, the smallest Freeze Sleeve size costs $49. The comparable size HurtSkurt® is $29.98, that is a 40% savings! And HurtSkurt® offers so much more.

HurtSkurt® is built to last and is guaranteed against defects. If your HurtSkurt® becomes unusable for any reason other than regular wear and tear, we will send you a replacement. This means your HurtSkurt® is literally less costly than even ice. With ice you need to pay for the continued water use as well as the plastic bags to contain the ice while in use. It won't take long for HurtSkurt® to be less costly, not to mention more environmentally friendly.

You can use your HurtSkurt® for more than just pain relief! Believe it or not, HurtSkurt® was invented for drinks! That is, until people started wearing them because they are incredible when used on the body. But that doesn't mean they don't work just as amazing for drinks. When you put regular reusable ice packs in a cooler, your drinks are relying on the ice packs to cool the entire environment for the drinks to get and stay cold, but HurtSkurt® works the other way around; they cool the drinks first, and in-turn then cool the environment. This makes for much more efficient cooling and longer lasting cold. A medium HurtSkurt® can chill a warm bottle of wine in 20 minutes.

Why HurtSkurt® - Reason #3 - Convenience!

HurtSkurt®'s patent-pending design of individual gel panels sewn in to a ultra-soft stretch fabric creates a stretch-to-fit sleeve that is intuitive and convenient to use.

The fabric acts as a built-in skin barrier, and the individual panels, with stretch stitching between them, will stretch and compress to your body to stay in place and allow complete freedom of movement in joints even when frozen solid. So all you need to do is reach in the freezer, remove your HurtSkurt® from it's reusable storage bag, slide it on and go about your day!

Why HurtSkurt® - Reason #4 - It is a Chronic Pain Savior!

Chronic pain effects approximately 25% of the population. There is no better drug-free solution for chronic pain and nerve conditions than direct hot or cold application.

Millions of people suffer daily with incurable pain, unable to sleep or function normally because of the constant discomfort. No other product on the market can offer the same long-lasting, convenient treatment abilities that HurtSkurt® offers.

Fast, drug-free relief from:

  • Arthritis
  • Psoriasis
  • Eczema
  • Neuropathy
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Tendinitis
  • Tendinosis
  • Migraines
  • Back Pain
  • Oral Pain
  • Menstrual Cramps
  • Insect Bites and Stings
  • and so much more!

Why HurtSkurt® - Reason #5 - They don't only work great, they look great!

Express style while receiving treatment instead of being self-conscious about your injury or disability. HurtSkurt® was the first therapy product to introduce fashion patterns to give the user a feeling of joy and liberation. Our fun patterns make it a pleasure to wear in public and express your own personal style! The psychological impact HurtSkurt® enables can be treatment in itself.

Why HurtSkurt® - Reason #6 - You can wash them!

Unlike gel infused neoprene products, HurtSkurt® is washable. Gel-infused products can't even get WET! You have to clean them with wipes because they can disintegrate in water. Not HurtSkurt®! Simply remove the gel packs from the interior pockets and wash with your laundry. We recommend cold wash and warm dry for best results.

Why HurtSkurt® - Reason #7 - Physical Therapy!

Warming of the body prior to physical therapy stimulates vasodilation, increasing the mechanical efficiency of manipulating muscle and helps to prevent injury during exercise.

Never before has physical therapy preparation been so easy.

HurtSkurt® allows patients to warm muscles and joints while on their way to their therapy appointments, saving valuable time for both the patient and the therapist.

Why HurtSkurt® - Reason #8 - It's MOBILE!

Icing the body after exercise narrows blood cells to decrease blood flow and inhibit swelling and inflammation. More often than not, you are not working out at home.

It is difficult to get cold therapy away from home because most products are designed to stay cold on the body for only 20 minutes straight from the freezer. HurtSkurt®'s patent-pending design makes mobile therapy a reality by staying cold far longer than others, even when away from home for several hours.

Why HurtSkurt® - Reason #9 - We stand behind our product

We are told constantly that our customer service is second to none. We believe in our product and we know it can change your life. If you aren't satisified, just let us know. We want every one of our customers to not just like, but love their purchase. There is no better sales tool than a happy customer, and we strive to make our customers happy.