Why HurtSkurt

A revelation in modern therapy and pain management application.

Warming of the body prior to physical therapy stimulates vasodilation, increasing the mechanical efficiency of manipulating muscle and helps to prevent injury during exercise.

Never before has physical therapy preparation been so easy.

HurtSkurt® allows patients to warm muscles and joints while on their way to their therapy appointments, saving valuable time for both the patient and the therapist.

Why HurtSkurt®? 

HurtSkurt®’s patent-pending design of individual gel panels sewn in to ultra-soft stretch fabric creates a stretch-to-t sleeve that is intuitive and convenient to use.

The fabric acts as a built-in skin barrier and the individual panels, with stretch stitching between them, allow for complete freedom of movement in joints even when the panels are frozen solid. Simply slide on HurtSkurt® and be able
to go about your day.

Express style while receiving treatment instead of being self-conscious about an injury. HurtSkurt®’s revolutionary fashion patterns give the user a feeling of joy and liberation.

HurtSkurt® is the most effective, efficient, convenient and FUN device for achieving peak body performance and drug-free pain management.