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Recovery, Re-defined!

HurtSkurt® uses a revolutionary, patent-pending stretch-to-fit design made of ultra-soft, custom printed stretch fabric encasing individual gel panels. These innovations allow HurtSkurt® to work without harnessing devices and stretch to double its size. The design also allows the use of our 100% gel formula with no anti-freeze chemicals, enabling the panels to freeze completely solid for the longest-lasting temperature retention you are going to find in a gel pack. Clinically proven to maintain a therapeutic body temperature for over an HOUR!

The genius of the design is the articulating joints that still allow a full range of motion in joints even when it is frozen solid, allowing you to be fully mobile while receiving treatment.

All of these elements come together to create the most efficient, effective, convenient, and versatile hot/cold pack ever created, at a fraction of the price of our competition!!

Recovery has never looked or felt so good.