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Tenley Ortiz

I know how important icing is for recovery and relief but it isn't always easy when you are busy. I love being able to put on the HurtSkurt and still be able to do the things I need to do such as drop the kids off at school. Also, this company has AMAZING costumer service!

Good fit, mediocre cold coverage

The sleeve fits snugly and comfortably. But because the freeze packs are in pockets with gaps between them, the cold coverage of the joint is poor.


I’ve ordered 4 other size XL for my knees and they fit perfectly. These were much smaller than the other ones.

HurtSkurt - Small
Theresa Chabot
hot days

Bought these for my mother to wear while gardening on hot days. Keeps you body cool and doesn't interfere with movements.

Route Package Protection
Connie Swafford
Love my hurtskurk

I love hurtskurt. I first ordered dog a few years ago but lost weight and ordered smaller. Nothing greater for knee pain.

Raul V
Excellent product.

This product really works. It is well made, fits extremely well, is cool as promised, and is easy to wear. I would highly recommend this product.

Highly Recommend

Hurt Skurt is the extraordinaire of ice packs. After fracturing my ankle and surgery to follow I purchased a Hurt Skurt. Loved that it remained in place as it encircled my ankle unlike the gel packs that slide off your ankle and you are forever adjusting and positioning in place. I highly recommend Hurt Skurt.
Kathleen Harjes. RN

Love it!

I love my hurt skirt! I have achilles tendinitis flare ups from ballet and this does an amazing job helping me keep it iced. I just wish the ice packs would stay frozen longer as they tend to thaw pretty quickly. It's so comfortable to wear.

HurtSkurt - X-Large
Gino Cundari

I thought it would stay colder for a longer time.

Love this product!

I recently had arthroscopic knee surgery and the Hurt Skurt was recommended by my surgeon. I love the flexibility of being able to use it cold or frozen and the ability to shift the gel packs around to get a combination of the 2 if needed. It has really helped my pain level and I have even recommended it to my PT. I am a fan and will be buying more!

HurtSkurt - Medium
Patty Gehrig
Great for icing my knee!!!

I ordered another medium size hurtskurt to help with icing my knee after knee replacement surgery. It works great!! The best thing about the hurtskurt is that I can put it on and walk around while icing my knee.

HurtSkurt - Large
Holly Bracy
Hurt Skurt is great!

I have the belt and use it on my lower back. I fits well and I can walk around and do things while icing my back and that is a huge bonus for me.

HurtSkurt - X-Large
Colista Gemmell
Great Ice pack

Great ice pack. Really easy to use.

HurtSkurt - Medium
Theresa Chabot
Review update

New hurtskurt has removable gel packs. Love it. Fits perfectly, doesn’t restrict any movement while icing joints (elbow).

HurtSkurt - Large
Leigh McKenzie

Easy to use. works great

HurtSkurt - Medium
Kim Glathar
Excellent ice pack

I recently had a torn meniscus repaired and have been needing to do a lot of ice in my recovery. This fits my leg very well. It freezes quickly. I plan on traveling with it when we go hiking this fall to ice my knee after a long hike. I’d definitely recommend it

HurtSkurt - Medium
Elizabeth K
Works great!

I bought for my daughter as a just in case, the next day she hurt her calc. This was easy for her to ice her injury and it froze quickly inbetween uses!

HurtSkurt - Large
Karen Fretwell
I love my Hurt Skurts for my recovery from Bi-lateral knee replacement surgery

Having just had bi-lateral knee replacement I need to ice my knee’s a lot right now
A friend recommended them to me who has also has had knee replacement surgery
I order the size large Hurt Skurts and they run really tight on my swollen knees right now. I did take the advice of Hurt Skurt and tried to stretch them out a bit on the tops and bottoms
In the mean time I’m am strapping them onto my knees for swelling and pain relief
As my swelling gets better I will be able to use them slipped over my knee and not strapped on
Very impressed but they do run small
I wished I had ordered the extra large ones

HurtSkurt - Medium
Mary Ellen Kirwan
Best ever!!

Due to many years of running, I’ve used a variety of cold packs. This slips on, stays put, stays cold. Love it!

I'm glad they came up with this!

I have used the HurtSkurt for my knees, but this year has quite a but of heavy yard work. I purchased one to keep the cold on my neck and shoulders.
It works great!

I love my HurtSkurt!(s)

I bought my first heading into knee replacement surgery. I used it a lot when I wanted to be up and about, but tied to the ice machine. After my knee healed I continued to use it when I over did it. I bought a 2nd to take on an extended vacation. I took big and ended up giving one to a fellow traveler who had sprained her ankle.
Recently, I bought another for backup, and I bought one of the new straps to get ice on my neck and shoulders.

Perfect relief

I love my hurtskurts . I ordered last year and loved them for an injury to my knee . I recently recorded two more so I can alternate them . They are the best ! You can put on and still move .

Carolyn West

Terrific product. Everyone needs a couple of these in freezer for chronic and emergency use!!

Robert Polakowski
Customer service fantastic

Thank you so much for all your help picking the correct knee hurt shurt.

Tim Schwartzer

I am an avid ultra runner, I use these ice packs almost every day. I love everything about them super convenient to be able to use as a knee sleeve. Additionally the customer service is top knotch.