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ZipSkurt™ was created in response to numerous requests from our customers. You wanted larger sizes, as well as the ability to put on and take off a HurtSkurt® without having to go over the foot/shoes.

Many of you can't reach your feet due to injury, age or disability and needed assistance to utilize your HurtSkurt®, making it difficult to receive proper treatment. With the addition of ZipSkurt™ to our line-up, you can now easily get treatment without having to reach your feet! The large tooth hard plastic zipper (microwave safe) is easy to align and zip up. The quick-release zipper means you can also get the ZipSkurt™ off quickly, when necessary, such as when participating in sports.

ZipSkurt™ features a zipper pull that locks in place when pressed down against the zipper so you can easily adjust the fit by un-zipping the zipper to your comfort level.

Lastly, and most exciting, ZipSkurt™ is modular, meaning they zip together to create custom sizes! So instead of making more sizes, you can make your own custom size to fit your needs!

ZipSkurt4™ is (4) panels wide (like a small HurtSkurt®) and (2) panels tall (like a medium HurtSkurt®). Which is a BRAND NEW size for HurtSkurt®! Great on it's own for elbow and foot treatment, or combine in it with ZipSkurt6 for custom sizes.

ZipSkurt6™ is (6) panels wide and (2) panels tall (the same size as a medium HurtSkurt®). Great on it's own for elbow and foot treatment, or combine in it with other ZipSkurts™ for custom sizes!

This means you can now create any size HurtSkurt® by 2 panels in width, starting with the ZipSkurt4. So if you want a 10 panel HurtSkurt®, you would combine a ZipSkurt4 and a ZipSkurt6. If you want 12 panels wide, you would combine two ZipSkurt6 products, and so on. You can literally make any width HurtSkurt® by two panels. You can even create alternating hot/cold treatment by heating one ZipSkurt™ and freezing the other.

Both ZipSkurts feature our new removable gel pack construction for easy washing and treatment customization.

Both ZipSkurts come in our Waikiki Midnight pattern only.

We hope you love this fantastic new addition to our product line as much as we do!


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