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There is no need to look ridiculous when trying to ease your head pain! Look good, feel BETTER!
Now featuring removable gel packs for select comfort and easy cleaning!
The World's first fashionable headache relief. You can go out in public wearing a SkullSkurt™ and no one would know you're treating head pain. Decorated in our subtle Waikiki Midnight pattern for both men and women, you will love the long-lasting treatment you will get from SkullSkurt™, nothing stays cold longer.
The SkullSkurt™ is a patent-pending, stretch-to-fit hot/cold headband designed to fit most heads. SkullSkurt™ uses a revolutionary flexible ring design that allows the use of 100% gel in the panels without the need for antifreeze agents.  The gel panels inside the soft fabric ring can freeze solid, enabling the SkullSkurt™ to remain frozen far longer than other packs, yet still remain flexible and body-conforming.
Perfect for head pain, migraines and oral pain!
SkullSkurt™ isn't only for pain. You can use your frozen SkullSkurt™ to stay cool in the heat. And don't forget that you can also heat your SkullSkurt™. Even if just for the comfort of going out for a walk in winter months with a soothing warmth, SkullSkurt™ has you covered.

Height - 5”
Relaxed Circumference - 13”
Max Circumference - 26"

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Customer Reviews

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Raul V
Excellent product.

This product really works. It is well made, fits extremely well, is cool as promised, and is easy to wear. I would highly recommend this product.

Valerie Creason
Nothing short of a miracle

I suffer from migraines and the skull skurt is awesome and nothing short of a miracle!! I also went through dental surgery right after getting my skull skurts so they pulled double duty!! It folded nicely to ice my jaw after surgery!! Love em and would highly recommend!!

sarah m frye
Suffer From Migraines? Get a SkullSkurt, You Will Not Regret It!

Due to neurological issues, I tend to get pretty frequent migraines and headaches. The SkullSkurt has been a game-changer! Since I started using it, I've noticed a significant reduction in my head pain frequency and pain levels. High recommend! My husband says, and I quote "It's like a hug for your head!"

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